Freerunning and tricking act

A brilliant freerunning and tricking choreographed stage show.

Yoyo act

A cool yoyo act in the Microsoft office.

Water Drum and dance show

An energetic drum show with special water light effects in combination with dance.

Freerunning ladder act

Freerunning, gymnastics, saxophone and clarinet, all combined in a crazy ladder act.

Capoeira performance

High level capoeira atlethes ready to perform.

Moto and breakdance act

It’s showtime!  Freestyle moto and breakdance mixed in one choreography.

Breakdancers in action

A short portfolio of some high-end productions our dancers did.

Mix of Xtreme sports

extreme sports at your event; workshops & shows

Footbag act

Footbag is juggling with a small bag or ball and this performer takes it to the next level.

Footbag LED show

Most amazing duo footbag juggling LED show!