Acrobatic Trampoline Dunk Show

Acrobatic Trampoline Dunk Show, Our dunkers gave an amazing show during the Belgian Red Bull 3×3 half court final championships in Brussels.

Freestyle Mega Show

In this show we have Flatland BMX, Jump Rope, Freestyle Basketball and awesome percussion all blenden in one mega show.  Here we perform at the 6th European Evening of Sport in Brussels.

Freestyletalent Urban show

Total concept: MC, DJ, BMX, skating, trampoline, breakdance, …

Beatbox act

Stop searching for an awesome beatboxer because you did find him here!

Mirror Crew

Spectacular dance crew with a genious mirror outfit.
Also possible with mapping.

Wingsuit act

Airshows, choreographed stunts, smoke effects, basejumps and extreme air cameraworks.

Poetry Slam

How many beer names do you count?

Speedpainting portrait act

Projections, speed and real paint combined in a fascination revealing act.

Countdown to 2018 in Dubai

42.000 people came together to celebrate, guided by our favorite MC in the Middle East.