Netleaf 2022

Freestyletalent did the full production from idea to realisation: Stilt walkers, BMX ramp, Trialbike, Beatbox, Photobooth, Photo’s & Aftermovie.

Trampoline acrobatic show

Very funny, spectacular and suitable for all audiences giant trampoline show.

10 years Netleaf

Freestyletalent organized the host (sailor), trampoline jumpers, flatland BMX, stilt walker, percussion show, photobooth and produced also the aftermovie and pictures.

Urban street show

Giant Trampoline, BMX, Trial Bike, Scooter, Jump Rope, DJ and MC all mixed in one big show.

Freestyletalent Urban show

Total concept: MC, DJ, BMX, skating, trampoline, breakdance, …

1001 nights

A spectacular 1001 nights show with circus, acrobatics, bmx, trialbike and acrogym.

LED major crew

30 LED dancers openingshow in a soccer stadium.

Yoyo act

A cool yoyo act in the Microsoft office.

Flyboard light show

A high-end light show on flyboards with special laser effects.

Jump Rope – Soccer Act

The worlds best female jump rope and freestyle soccer performer combined in one act to promote Berlin.