Beatbox at same the time with a freestyle soccer ball

This guy can beatbox and perform high level freestyle soccer skills at the same time.

Freestyle footbag

Freestyle soccer with a tiny ball to make it extra hard. Amazing skills!

Percussion, flatland bmx, freestyle soccer and jump rope

3 drummers + 3 freestylers = energy

Soccer & BMX flatland act

Two amazing talents together in one Freestyle soccer and BMX Flatland act.

Acro Dunking Show

The most spectacular basketball show on earth: high flips and crazy dunks!

Dance and basketball act

A perfect mix of elegance, baketball skills, dance and romance combined in an amazing choreography.

Freestyle soccer act

Amazing ball control choreographed on music.

Freestyle Golf Act – Trick Shots

A very unique and entertaining trick shot golf act!

Freestyle basketball show

Basketball skills performed at classical live music.

Footbag act

Footbag is juggling with a small bag or ball and this performer takes it to the next level.