Urban streetshow

Enjoy our brand new urban sports show, BMX, rope skipping, trampoline, motorbike, …


Unique BMX act with LED effect, just watch and enjoy!

Motor trial act

Motor trial, jumps and some cool stunts all in one show!

Moto and breakdance act

It’s showtime!  Freestyle moto and breakdance mixed in one choreography.

Flatland and BMX flip show

A great stage act with two excellent bmx artists.

Mix of Xtreme sports

extreme sports at your event; workshops & shows


A nice example how to promote your brand with flatland bmx.

Extreme Motor Jumps

Boost your event with spectacular motorbike jumps!

Flatland BMX

The best bmx trickers from Europe, ready to perform at your event.

Bike show

Extreme trialbike and bmx show