Piano dancer

He can play piano and dance, what if you can do both at the same time?

Trialbike and dance act

A very nice combo of trialbike and dance in one act.

Luminous dance

Back to the future LED dance show, up to 45 min!

Mirror Crew

Spectacular dance crew with a genious mirror outfit.
Also possible with mapping.

LED major crew

30 LED dancers openingshow in a soccer stadium.

LED girls dance act

‘Girl Power’combined with the lastest LED technology.

Dancing Nurse

Who needs first aid?

Water Drum and dance show

An energetic drum show with special water light effects in combination with dance.

Body drumming

Dance and body drumming in funky way, our crew is taking it to the next level!

Moto and breakdance act

It’s showtime!  Freestyle moto and breakdance mixed in one choreography.