Drum & Flyboard show

We had the honour to open the new quay in Hendrik Ido Ambacht in a spectacular way.

Freestyle Ski and BMX act

The perfect winter Freestyle show.

Free running double flip

One of the best free runners in the world, in combo with tricking and trialbike.

Freestyle ice skating show

themed christmas ice skating show combined with dance

Slackline Snow act

Crazy slackline act in the snow in combo with freestyle ski jumps.

Make it epic! Proximus

For Proximus we created a flyboard and jetski act to launch “make it epic”.

Freerunning and tricking act

A brilliant freerunning and tricking choreographed stage show.

Wingsuit act

Airshows, choreographed stunts, smoke effects, basejumps and extreme air cameraworks.

Flyboard act

Amazing choreographed duo show on flyboards, it can be performed even in a pool!

Flyboard light show

A high-end light show on flyboards with special laser effects.