Beatbox at same the time with a freestyle soccer ball

This guy can beatbox and perform high level freestyle soccer skills at the same time.

Percussion, flatland bmx, freestyle soccer and jump rope

3 drummers + 3 freestylers = energy

Beatbox act

Stop searching for an awesome beatboxer because you did find him here!

Water Drum and dance show

An energetic drum show with special water light effects in combination with dance.

Body drumming

Dance and body drumming in funky way, our crew is taking it to the next level!

Poetry Slam

How many beer names do you count?

Bottle Guys

The best concert you have ever seen with bottles as main instrument!

Exceptional quartet string act

A uniquely strong combination of music, contemporary fashion and sophisticated entertainment.

Beng – percussion show

Fresh, dynamic, fun and so entertaining! Beng has an amazing show!

LED drum act Beng

Beng performing a cool LED drum custom made act