Bungee straps Acro

Super dynamic acrobatic show, performed at bungee straps.

Trampoline acrobatic show

Very funny, spectacular and suitable for all audiences giant trampoline show.

street workout show

The perfect gala calisthenics act for your event.

African Limbo Dance

Energetic Limbo dance acrobats, feel the rhythm, feel the fire, it’s showtime!

Strong men acrobats

Incredible acrobatic balance and strength hand balancing act

Trialbike and dance act

A very nice combo of trialbike and dance in one act.

Rocking horse handstand act

Powerful handstand act at a rocking horse, impressive for each high level event.

1001 nights

A spectacular 1001 nights show with circus, acrobatics, bmx, trialbike and acrogym.

La bascule act

Ping pong ball tricks and high flips at the bascule, what a creative combination!

Freerunning ladder act

Freerunning, gymnastics, saxophone and clarinet, all combined in a crazy ladder act.